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A Day

Would you like to make the most out of your photography session?

Then this package is for you.

This package will provide you with a comprehensive image bank containing various images and/or video material that you can use in your marketing efforts. We will devise a strategy beforehand to make the most of the day.

This package is suitable for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to communicate their brand with a consistent feel and optimize their visual communication.


Video content is increasingly in demand as we aim to capture the viewer's attention quickly and in an engaging manner, making short films perfect for this purpose.

You can add video content when you book me for a half or full-day photography session.

Half a day &  Subscriptions

Do you need to update your current image bank?

This package is just as suitable for those of you embarking on a new project as it is for those who want to refresh some images monthly or seasonally.

Project Management / Art Direction

You have a launch or campaign in progress, and you're unsure about the best approach to achieve your goals.

That's where I come in as your creative sounding board with a focus on strategy. This is where my full potential lies, drawing from several years of experience in conceptual storytelling, marketing, and project management.

If you need assistance in putting together an upcoming project, launch, or campaign, I'm more than happy to help.

"Vi är otroligt nöjda med Beatrice som fotograf. Professionell och ödmjuk i all kommunikation"

Rasmus Lindgren, Head of marketing TÖRST

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